Effective recommendations from psychologists for patients diagnosed with psoriasis

Psoriasis is considered an incurable disease that can only be cured for a certain period of time before a stressful situation occurs or an infection enters the body. According to medical statistics, 4% of the world's population suffers from the disease. According to scientists, the disease is hereditary and manifests itself suddenly at the age of 15-25 years.

Patients, who are faced with the diagnosis of psoriasis for the first time, are haunted by the question: how to live now? It is worth understanding that the disease affects not only ordinary people, Churchill dealt with plaques of psoriasis, but Britney Spears of modern celebrities. Despite the illness, they did not give up their activities and achieved significant success in life. The modern world opens up new knowledge that needs to be used.

expert opinion

Recently, most psychologists agree that psoriasis is caused by internal factors and not external ones as is commonly believed. We are talking about psychological factors. And recognizing it will help healing once we decide whether to live with the disease to the end of our days or drive it out. Psychology assures that as soon as a person begins to look for the cause of the disease in his head, a secret door opens before him.

To this day, psychologists and healers are fighting the disease together. The results of their interaction are successful, new treatment methods are constantly being developed. Books by Liz Burbo, Louise Hay, Katsuzo Nishi help. Patients especially prefer the author Louise Hay, as she has written more than 30 books, the information on which is presented in an accessible language. All of her advice is simple, but as a result, a person gets an effective result in a short time.

Talking to a psychologist for psoriasis

The symptoms of the disease are very unpleasant. Sometimes it is very difficult for a patient to hide the external manifestations of psoriasis under clothes. And even fabulous expenses for the treatment of the disease are not saved, but the fact is that, according to psychologists, the reasons are in our minds. Louise Hay divides problems into two parts: cause and solution. From a psychological point of view, this disease is based on:

  • about the loss of self-confidence;
  • deny responsibility for personal feelings;
  • for fear of being offended.

The healer gives effective tips on how to deal with mental health problems: stop withdrawing into yourself, forget your fears, but also love yourself and open yourself to the world around you and recognize yourself as you are. It may sound strange, but these instructions have helped many return to a fulfilling life.

The well-known doctor is also convinced that psoriasis has psychological causes. He claims he has long taken care to ensure that healthy skin is found in his patients, who live in peace, tranquility, with a pure soul and an open heart. The specialist notes that bad thoughts only disrupt the activity of the secretory glands of the skin, as a result of which they are not cleaned, and psoriasis appears. Even ancient ancestors said that such people smell even different.

Doctor advising patient with psoriasis

Advice from a healer

A well-known expert in this field is a naturopath who developed a special technique, based on which the disease is not a sentence and can be easily eliminated. If you follow their advice, all forms of psoriasis will disappear with little effort on the part of the patient.

According to the expert, the disease is a mutated form, namely a symbiosis of a torch and a mollusk. Therefore, the patient's arsenal should include: dry powder from parasites, olive oil, fatty fat, natural soap and lotion. Their methodology is as follows:

  1. First, the affected skin is wiped with lotion, after the procedure, the same agent is applied to a swab and again applied to the diseased part of the body. This destroys fungal toxins.
  2. When the first product dries, you can start applying the second. We make lotions out of fat for several hours, and then apply lotion to the skin again.
  3. The third action is the application of olive oil swabs. It is necessary to keep the remedy for two hours.

These three steps are repeated throughout the day and in the morning everything is washed off with natural soap. The next day the patient should take 1 tsp. Powder up to three times a day, washed down with water. This must be done before meals. The duration of treatment is 45 days.

Stylist recommendations

How to live with psoriasis without feeling the squeamish looks of others on you, say stylists. Women suffer the most from the disease, especially if the plaques are on the head or face. It is impossible to hide these symptoms with the help of decorative cosmetics, but natural cosmetics, which our great-great-grandmothers used to use, are not forbidden. Dermatologists allow the use of some means:

  • Once upon a time, women used limestone as a blush and powder, adding a small amount of natural dye, which was a decoction of onion skins.
  • They accentuated eyebrows and eyelashes with charcoal and ash. They are even believed to be beneficial in psoriasis.
  • If the disease has affected the scalp, then a herbal remedy can be used as a paint - natural red henna.

Stylists recommend using gloves to hide unwanted spots that have appeared on the hands and palms. Such an accessory is also acceptable in the summer if you decide to wear mesh gloves. It is worth noting that this is a classic and will never go out of style. The concept of beauty is very relative. Often people around treat a person as they present themselves. If you surround yourself with an inferiority complex, society will accept you as such.

dressed girl with psoriasis

disease and longevity

Some people with psoriasis wonder if their lives will be shortened because of this disease. Doctors say that the disease affects this indirectly. The fact is that due to the negative mood, the patient loses positive emotions, nervous breakdowns, depression appear. However, scientists are convinced that every smile adds 5 minutes to life. Therefore, the patient needs to watch humorous programs and comedy films more often, go to a psychologist and lead a healthy lifestyle. But here you can not cope without the support of loved ones.

About the causes of the onset of the disease is not exactly known, but psychology really points to one of the factors that can affect its development. The advice of experts has already helped many people, so you should put all doubts aside and start following the recommendations. The patient will immediately notice an improvement in the mental state, followed by the disappearance of the symptoms of psoriasis. Start Your Miracle Healing Now!